3 quick and easy healthy dinners you can make in a flash!

by admin on July 7, 2011


On nights that I teach a yoga class, it’s all I can do to make a peanut and jelly sandwich. I need quick and easy meals that will prevent me from doing what I hate: ordering unhealthy take-out. Even healthy take-out is an expense that, in the end, is a waste of time. I’d rather go out to dinner and enjoy the whole experience. So, on a run this morning with a personal training/yoga client, I shared some of my favorite go-to fast-in-a-flash dinners:

Frozen veggies, microwave brown rice, whole cranberry sauce and a slice of toasted wheat bread: I know, you’d rather have the fresh veggies. But if you’re starving, the thought of washing, cutting and preparing can seem too much. There are plenty of healthy frozen vegetables that are prepared without any sauce. Pick a few (I like squash and broccoli), microwave some brown rice (faster than the “boiling water” variety) add a dollop of cranberry sauce (the whole berry kind) and a slice of toasted hearty wheat bread and you’re all set.

Lentil soup over brown rice with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top: I buy Progresso Lentil soup, microwave it and then microwave some brown rice. I put the rice in a bowl and then spoon off the liquid from the soup and just spoon the lentils on top of the rice. I sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese and I’m done.

Stir fry bok choy with tofu: This one takes a little time but is worth it. Saute some sliced garlic in olive oil. Add washed bok choy leaves. Cover until slightly wilted. Add soy sauce to taste and peanuts and, if you’d like, cubed tofu. Serve over rice (or without).

What’s your easiest, quickest go-to healthy meal?

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