Here are some testimonials written by women who participated in the Women’s Wellness Group Program. In their own words, they describe below what their experience was like:

“Tonight, I practiced yoga in a warm, intimate setting. it enabled me to shrug off all the pressures from my stressful day, feel safely vulnerable and connect with strong, inspirational women. The yoga was coupled with tangible tools discussed to integrate “wellness” into my life, step by step.” L, October, 2010

“Tonight was a great night! I spent the night with 3 great women, focusing on health, wellness, meditation and yoga. We shared goals, issues and spiritual growth in an endeavor to better ourselves and our lives.” T, October, 2010

“Thank you Karen for a very informative and experiential class. I’m a beginner at yoga and never quite got the transition poses of high push up, low push up, upward dog, downward dog until you explained them in our Women’s Wellness Classes. As we went through them, I got individualized attention and finally understood how to do each pose and how they fit together. You did a great job with the Women’s Wellness series and I hope you’ll expand and do more.” MaryLee Trettenero, Intuitive Consulting, www.bostonintuitive.com

“The Women’s Wellness Group gave me a jump start I needed to work towards a healthier lifestyle.” T, November, 2010

“I am so grateful for the Woman’s Wellness Group. Yoga, meditation, and conversation shared in an intimate space. I am able to ask questions about yoga, poses and my health that I would never feel comfortable asking in a larger class. This group has given me a renewed desire to practice yoga and focus on my health and wellness.” A, January, 2011

Here are some testimonials from yoga students worked with on a private or group basis:

“I’ve been meaning to write this email for a long time. I have enjoyed your classes for quite a while and felt I should let you know. I so appreciate how attuned you are to your students’ individual needs and I leave most classes feeling stronger, lighter and generally less sore. I attribute my improved posture and faster 10K time to your class!” S, 10/22/13

“Karen’s instruction and hands on assists in my private yoga session took me to a new level in my yoga practice. Her knowledge of alignment principles and experience in assisting made me feel safe in going deeper, allowing me to discover new edges in my poses. I experienced an incredible release of tension from my body, one that I couldn’t have achieved on my own. Her love of yoga and her joy in sharing her knowledge made it extremely comfortable to work with her. I look forward to working with Karen again, to further refine my yoga practice, and would highly recommend her to beginners and experienced practitioners alike!” A, 11/11/10

Since taking your classes, I’ve found that I’m doing yoga moves at home in the morning when I don’t have time to work out. I guess I’m getting hooked on this because it works for me. Funny; I never thought I’d be a convert but I like the combination of strengthening and centering. I just feel calmer afterwards.. magic! You’ve been a great teacher and at the right level and style and approach for me. R, 2/11/11

“Everyone loved the class and Karen. She was really good at teaching people how to do a pose correctly. Everyone loved her style and demeanor. A++!” Carol, 360 Public Relations 2/22/12

” I never thought I’d be into yoga until I began classes with Karen. Now it has become a valuable and integral part of my training. I am certain that it has helped my rowing by increasing my flexibility and sense of centeredness and balance. It has also helped with focus and breathing. I now do yoga before any major regatta to stretch and to help calm my nerves. I highly recommend it. Karen is an excellent instructor who can guide the novice gradually so that one never feels out of it and each person can develop at their own pace.” Rower at Community Rowing, 11/14/12

A special recommendation from the Men’s Crew Team Coach at Northeastern University:

Karen Fabian has worked extensively with our Men’s Rowing Team during the past two years ( 2008-2009). Beyond being a terrific person and an inspiring yoga teacher, Karen is an athlete who understands the benefits of yoga as a cross training method for enhanced performance in all sports.

The benefits of yoga to our team have been significant. We have seen measurable gains in core strength, flexibility and balance as well as a marked decline in injuries. Perhaps more importantly, our athletes are noticeably more patient, calm and focused. Their ability to channel their strength in a productive manner, especially when fatigued, has been remarkably enhanced.

Karen’s teaching style, personality and understanding of yoga place her among the best power yoga teachers I have encountered. What I have found exceptional is her ability to teach yoga as a means of cross training. Her intuition, experience and appreciation for the physical demands which athletes place upon themselves each day are clearly revealed in her yoga practices. I would recommend Karen Fabian very highly to anyone looking to practice yoga as a means to improved health, wellness and athletic performance.”

John Pojednic- Head Coach Northeastern University Men’s Rowing

9 February 2009

A recommendation on children’s yoga services:

“As a mom of a toddler, I have participated in Karen’s classes, which have included Baby and Me classes as well as Storytime and Yoga classes held at the library and local coffee house. Karen has a natural ability to connect with children of all ages. She exudes warmth, enthusiasm and creativity in her classes with children. She has many repeat customers and the kids recognize her in the neighborhood. She has brought valuable community programs to our neighborhood and parents seek her out for activities to participate in with their children.” Amy, mom of Max, 16 months. 11/2/11

“Karen’s Yoga and Storytime class is a great way to introduce children to yoga, movement and incorporate both with reading and books. She includes great props, has a wonderful attitude and presents a first-rate program. Our parents enjoy the program too and always ask for her to come back!” Melisa Bailey, Children’s Librarian, Charlestown Branch 11/4/11

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