Focus on what you can do, not what you can't

by admin on February 3, 2009

eggs-in-basket1There are nothing but tough decisions to be made these days.  While I’m sure there’s some segment of society that is somewhat shielded from having to make really tough choices these days, for most people, they are faced with some of the hardest choices of their lives.  The economy is falling apart and all around us are examples of it’s impact.. some incredibly tragic and frightening.

I made a list the other day. Actually, two lists. One is called “Can’t do.” On it are things like pedicures, Starbucks, buying lunch out.  Then, on a second list, I titled it, “Can do.” On it, I put things like ” Do nails at home, make tea at home, go to a local hair salon instead of my favorite fancy one.”

But I also put things like, ” take pride in how you look”… ” exercise regularly”… ” keep your house clean..” these items don’t really cost much but really speak more to taking pride in yourself no matter what the economic forecast.

There are lots of things I feel like I’m going without these days. But instead of focusing on those, why not shift to what I have??

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