The Human Race

by admin on August 31, 2008

I participated this morning in the “Human Race” sponsored by Nike. Click here for more information: While Boston was not an official city (NY was the closest official site) the run this morning brought out about a hundred runners from around the city. It was a beautiful day and people were in a great mood. If you’re used to running on your own, take the time to do a few group runs. Races are a bit different because there’s the added anxiety that comes with a race. But today was not a race; it was an attempt by Nike to get thousands of runners across the country to run the same distance, on the same day and all log their times on the Nike Plus website ( this website works in partnership with the ipod and Nike Plus technology that lets you record your distances and times on your ipod, then download them onto the Nike Plus website).

As most runners do, I typically run alone. But running with a group pushes you to keep up, as long as you have at least a few competitive bones in your body. I definitely do (see prior post) so I was having a blast. I also was able to run with a few people I know and that’s always fun as well. I’m finding that taking a day off in between runs is a great way to push harder during your run days. I used to feel like I had to run every day and take one or two days off. But this past week, the days I ran were great and I felt faster having taken a day off in between.

On another note, with this being the last weekend of the summer, don’t forget to say good-bye to the beach!

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