What would you do with a week of health and wellness support dedicated to just YOU?

by admin on July 11, 2010

Well, why don’t we find out! My name is Karen Fabian and some of you may know me from my posts on Facebook, under my business name, Bare Bones Yoga. The Bare Bones Yoga concept started out as a rented space in Boston, where people attended classes for $10 and while the physical space reflected a “bare bones” environment, you got 90-minutes of stress-reducing, physical toning and shaping yoga at this low cost. Over time, the space turned into an art gallery (still a worthy cause, mind you) and the mission of Bare Bones Yoga expanded to one of providing yoga to children and adults in creative spaces. So, along with my regular Sunday classes at Charlestown Yoga, I provide lots of yoga outside, in private sessions, at other studios, backyards, decks, parks and private facilities. I offer free classes to non-profits and have recently started working with runners privately in running/yoga training sessions. These sessions include pre-run guided meditation, running together with specific verbal coaching along the way, post-run yoga to stretch the muscles that often get tight with running and weekly written running plans.

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2002 and in that time, have met countless students who have faced challenges primarily on their own, but with regular support by attending yoga classes. I’ve seen students with injuries, students interested in re-shaping their bodies; students who were sore from years of over-training, and students who were so stressed from years of work and unhealthy eating and unconscious behaviors, that they were at the end of their rope. Through regular yoga practice, these students began to break through and with the support of their friends, families and others, they surmounted incredible challenges. But what would happen if they dedicated a full week to their health and wellness? What kind of impact would that make?

The idea of a week-long bootcamp is not a new one. My own training as a Baptiste certified teacher and Experience Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200HR) began with a week-long teacher training in Maya Tulum, Mexico. It was a wonderful experience and it changed my life for the better, as it was the first step in my path to dedicating myself to being a yoga teacher. Having said that, it wasn’t an inexpensive endeavor (although it was worth every penny), required I leave home for a week (again, not a bad deal) and required that I take time off from work. But having said all that, there is something to be said for working on your path to health and wellness when you are right at home, where you have to face those day to day challenges head on, and where you can’t escape your daily routine by going to the beach. So, what if you had someone who could create a customized health and wellness plan for you, with yoga as the foundation from the physical and mental perspective, but a plan that was also filled with as many other components as you wanted. Things like:

· A comprehensive health and wellness questionnaire designed to uncover the areas in your fitness and nutrition routine that could use improvement to help you reach your goals;

· A daily fitness plan, created before-hand, that would be led by me, each morning and even evening sessions as well, if you so desired;

· A fitness plan that, while it includes yoga, can also include things like weight training, running (distances up to 10 miles, if desired) and boxing/general strength training/toning work.

· Menu planning, including cooking demonstrations. As a former Personal Chef, I have cooked for a variety of clients, (even the Celtics Paul Pierce!) and have a great deal of experience showing clients how to cook healthy food. If you prefer not to cook yourself, you might want me to prepare a week’s worth of healthy meals for you, for you to heat and eat at your leisure.

· Personal wellness coaching sessions, as many as you wish, focused on a getting you on track. Maybe you’re struggling with a lot on your plate right now, and need an objective person to discuss options with. Maybe you are trying to make lifestyle changes and aren’t quite sure how to go about integrating them into your life. Maybe you feel like your home, finances, job path and relationships are each in a state of varied disarray and you have no idea which to address first. Maybe your house and lifestyle are just disorganized and you don’t think you can get things organized. These are all things that I have experience with and with my background as both a yoga teacher and counselor, I have worked with many people in a variety of capacities; health and wellness coaching is just the next extension of that background.

This kind of plan can be customized so it meets your needs (and budget). The core component is daily private yoga sessions and from there, you can add on pieces from the above list (or suggest your own ideas!) to create a plan that will have the most impact. Think of me as your “Personal Health and Wellness Coach”, available to help you meet your challenges head on, but not alone, to give you the leg up you need, so after the week is done, you can keep moving forward having gained tremendous momentum. This plan is meant to be done with you, in your own environment and will not require that you take any time off work and will not require that you travel. This is why for this first offering, I am focusing primarily on someone that lives in the Boston area, as this is where I live.

If this concept sounds interesting to you, let me know. We can discuss what your service plan might look like and what components will meet your needs. We’ll discuss what week would work for you (and for me) and plan accordingly. We’ll discuss pricing and get it formally scheduled and in your calendar so you have it to look forward to as a way to get you to the next level in your life.

Now, the only practical detail is this: For this first time offering, I will be limiting the students I work with to one or two. Depending on the number of services requested by a student, I may only be able to work with one person, or if 2 students request a smaller-scale plan, then I would be able to work with at least 2 students. But if you think this is something you’d like (or something you’d even like to give to someone you love as a gift!) then get in touch with me soon to book the time. If you’re not sure, please just contact me and let’s discuss it. If nothing else, it will give you a chance to start to articulate your thoughts, feelings and goals and even if this is not the service for you, there is a lot we can do on a much smaller scale as well.

I hope you find this interesting and would love the chance to work with you on your path to health and wellness!


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