Women’s Wellness Groups

Looking for a new and unique way to learn yoga?

Maybe you’ve been practicing for a while but are looking for something more.

You want to try meditation but can’t seem to figure out how?

You’re looking for individual yoga instruction but can’t afford private sessions?

You’d like to meet some new friends that value health and wellness?

These are all reasons to join Karen Fabian at her Bare Bones Yoga Women’s Wellness Groups (TM)! Inspired by Karen’s interest in providing customized wellness programs, WWG’s started as a way to support women, create an environment where they can support each other and provide useful wellness information.

The format includes a yoga class, some guided meditation & roundtable discussion about wellness topics meant to educate and support. Each week, Karen brings a topic to the group about something healthy!

Sessions meet at ATHLETA, 191 Newbury Street and are FREE! Next class: stay tuned for date! No reservations necessary.








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