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The Story Behind Bare Bones Yoga

Bare Bones Yoga was born out of the inspiration Karen Fabian had in late 2008 during the earlystages of the economic recession.

As she looked at her own budget, she evaluated the cost of yoga classes and thought it would be wonderful if athletic, challenging, fun yoga classes could be offered in an affordable way: a basic space where students brought their own mats and the main focus of the space was yoga. While there’d be no retail services or amenities like towels and water, there would be solid, challenging classes at an affordable price. Around the same time, she ran into a student of hers who expressed a love of yoga but shared that she didn’t have the money for class. That was the “a-ha” moment Karen needed. She contacted a friend and found a unique space in which to offer class. Bare Bones Yoga was born!

“Tonight was a great night! I spent the night with 3 great women, focusing on health, wellness, meditation and yoga. We shared goals, issues and spiritual growth in an endeavor to better ourselves and our lives.” – September 01, 2012

After the space in the Fenway was no longer available, the Bare Bones concept continued, using the core concept of “keeping yoga simple.” She no longer has her own space in which to teach, but she uses the theme of “keeping yoga simple” in her studio classes and other teaching opportunities in locations throughout the city.