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The Bare Bones Yoga Guide To Anatomy

Knowledge of anatomy is critical for yoga teachers. It is extremely important for teachers to understand at least some of the basics around anatomy when working with students, helping them to access both the strength and flexibility in their body and working to increase and balance both aspects.
One approach is to simply give teachers an anatomy book and begin to review it, page by page. This can be tedious and overwhelming and, as mentioned above, yoga teachers may not need to know every aspect of anatomy. This is sometimes what is done in basic yoga teacher training and it can leave teachers feeling overwhelmed and with a lack of understanding as to how to apply anatomy to a yoga practice and teaching. Another approach is to identify key aspects of anatomy and examine them in the context of yoga practice. This is the approach used here in this anatomy manual for yoga teachers. In this manual, we cover the following topics, through the use of text, pictures and images:

  • Why Understand Anatomy
  • Key Aspects of Anatomy
  • Key Anatomical Terminology
  • Applying Characteristics of Anatomical Position
  • Twelve Anatomical Reference Points
  • Key Bones
  • Major Joints
  • The Role of Muscles
  • Major Muscles of the Body
  • Muscles and Movements in Poses
  • Practical Application of Anatomy to Teaching
  • Red Flags to look for While Teaching
  • Answering Questions about Injuries and the Body
  • Providing Modifications
  • Specific Anatomical Sequences

This manual can be used for:

  • Self-study of anatomy for yoga teachers
  • Can be purchased in bulk by a studio to supplement their yoga teacher training (contact Karen for how to get a special bulk rate)
  • Can be used by teachers in a yoga teacher-training program to supplement their learning
  • This is a 192 page spiral bound manual that will lie flat when opened



A Post-Basic Training Guide to Help You Build a Career as a Yoga Teacher
According to a 2013 report, the Yoga and Pilates industry has grown into a $7 billion dollar marketplace. Well known, mainstream brands now package the yoga experience from end to end. And yet, according to yoga teacher and author Karen Fabian, this mega-industry is filled with independent teachers whose basic training in teaching is undercut by the dearth of concrete info about the realities of yoga teaching as a full time career.
“Consider that while teachers typically receive 200 hours of basic training, the business aspects of being a yoga teacher often are not discussed,” notes Fabian, author of STRETCHED: Build Your Yoga Business, Grow Your Teaching Techniques. “Teaching can be an isolating experience and new teachers may lack a mentor, or the funds necessary to take targeted training to fill in their knowledge gaps.”
A Boston-based yoga teacher since 2002, Fabian knows well the labyrinthine ins and outs of the yoga business, having created a yoga start-up herself, Bare Bones Yoga, after teaching for several years for well-known teacher Baron Baptiste and others. “The truth about teaching yoga” she says, “is that the realities of the job often only become apparent after you’ve been teaching for a while. In “STRETCHED,” Fabian guides readers through both business and teaching topics and provides detailed tools and templates for tracking leads, revenue and other key business performance indicators.
The larger goal, she says, is to help teachers make “informed choices and healthy transitions” if and when they do decide to shift from their current job to a full-time career as a yoga teacher.
“There are hundreds of programs that provide basic training. But as an industry we need to do more to educate teachers on the business aspects of teaching yoga, especially for those that wish to make this a full time career. We need to make the pay scale, the benefits and the process of finding a job more transparent during initial training programs so teachers have a greater understanding of what’s involved. If not, people will continue to romanticize the idea of being a yoga teacher with little knowledge around what’s really involved in making this your full time career.”

  • First book to combine post-basic training guidance for yoga teachers, both on the business and teaching side of the career
  • Actual worksheets, spreadsheets and tools provided which the reader can customize
    Practical support and Information that can be used by yoga teachers to build an Independent business

Key Aspects of Anatomy For Yoga Teachers

In this short e book, you will be presented with a preview of the content from Karen’s more in-depth, comprehensive anatomy manual (listed above). If you’re looking for a quick read that covers some of the essential elements in applying anatomy to yoga, this e book is a great way to start. Topics covered include a rationale for understanding anatomy when teaching yoga and several practical applications of anatomy for yoga practice. A preview of the table of contents can be seen on the online listing on Amazon.

Structure and Spirit

The study of anatomy as it pertains to yoga can give us valuable information about the structure of each pose as well as how to understand what’s happening under the skin with the bones, joints and muscles. But yoga is an expression of one’s individuality as well as creativity, heart and soul. With that in mind, Yoga Teacher and Author Karen Fabian has written a book exploring key anatomical themes as well as themes of spirit and personal development. The book is filled with journaling exercises as well so as to help the reader apply these concepts to his or her own life.