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March 3, 2010

March 12, 2011: Women’s Wellness Groups and Bare Bones Yoga profiled in The Magazine of Yoga:

Featured in SHAPE magazine November 27, 2012: (see various slides)


The following articles were written by Karen  and posted on www.mindbodygreen or They are resources for teachers and practitioners of yoga and focus on teaching as well as practice topics.

Ten ways to transform a class you hate into one that’s great

Expose Five Limiting Beliefs about your Yoga Teaching

How to differentiate yourself as a yoga teacher

Ten Tips to help you Ace your Teaching Audition

Ten components of a yoga teaching plan

Ten Key Metrics You should be tracking as a Yoga Teacher

Four tips for building connection with your students

Five reasons to take a teacher training; even if you don’t want to teach 

Five teaching tips for keeping yoga safe

Five tips for yoga sequencing

Eight top questions from Yoga Beginners

Ten keys steps to take before teaching your first class

Ten challenges you may face as a yoga teacher

Ten things to help you stand out as a yoga teacher

Ten tips about money for yoga teachers

Ten tips for translating your yoga teaching into wellness lessons

Ten ways to exude confidence (even when you’re nervous) as a yoga teacher

Fourteen tips for starting your own yoga business

Are your yoga students pushing your buttons?

Effective language for yoga teaching

Eight signs you’re in a teaching rut and what to do about it

Eleven tips for finding and booking corporate classes

Five personal experiences to us as themes for your teaching

Five signs your yoga business is in trouble and five things you can do

Five steps to help yoga teachers earn a living

Five more steps to help yoga teachers earn a living ( part two  )

Five things to ask your yoga teacher colleagues

Five things you should be asking yourself about your yoga teaching career

Five tips for covering a yoga class

Four fears you may experience teaching yoga

Four themes to build into your classes

Keeping yoga teaching simple

Keeping yoga for kids simple

 Keeping yoga language simple

 Keeping yoga simple in a complicated world

Ten tips for working with beginners

Seven more tips for teaching to beginners

Seven tips on making the switch from working corporate to teaching yoga

Tips for assisting students in class

Six reasons to teach yoga part time

Six things to vary in your yoga teaching

Teaching Absolutes

Ten non studio locations where you can teach yoga

Ten qualities of a great yoga teacher

Nine simple ways to modify a yoga practice

Ten things to do after teacher training

Ten tips for more compassionate yoga teaching

Ten tips for teaching yoga private lessons

Ten tips for teaching yoga in a corporate setting

Ten tips for teaching yoga to all levels

The intersection of business and mindfulness

Top questions asked by new yoga teachers Part 1

Top questions asked by new yoga teachers Part 2

Seven tips for selecting a yoga teacher training program

Yoga true or false: 10 Yoga Teaching Scenarios





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