Give up? Not quite yet

by admin on August 1, 2008

I had my first physical therapy session today. If you want a great P.T, go to Sports and Physical therapy ( I go to the Brookline group and see Chris Morin, who has become one of the secret weapons in my training arsenal. The place is local, the staff is knowledgeable, they work primarily with athletes and they are focused on supporting you on your path to not only wellness, but to your goals, whatever they may be. I have worked with athletes in my role as yoga teacher, most notably with the Northeastern Men’s crew team, and have supported them through injuries knowing that unless it was severe, their primary goals of rowing would not change; it was the yoga that needed to support that goal.

Chris has the same sensibility and as we worked together this morning, and I explained my goal of running Baystate in October, he listened intently and gave me a treatment plan that would help me heal while also still allowing me to test the leg, within reasonable limits. “Patiently persistent” was how a friend described her suggested approach to me, when it came to testing my leg. I told Chris that as long as the leg held up through some longer runs over the next few weeks, I was good to go, but we’d continually assess it as time marches on.

So today is a rest day or treatment day, as you might call it. I have another session next week and look forward to trying a longer run tomorrow.

Have a restful night.


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